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Brilliant Shimmer Two-Piece Evening Dress by Sherri HillWow him in this eye-catching evening dress by Sherri Hill 50120. The high neckline bodice creates a sporty style and is cropped to show off your midriff. Form fitting to the low hip, this lavish contrasting ensemble shimmers and shines to the dazzling full-length fit-and-flare hem, completing this exceptional prom or red carpet look with a luxurious flowing train.


Sherri Hill 50120

Sherri Hill 50120

Sherri Hill 50120

Sherri Hill 50120

Sherri Hill 50120

Sherri Hill 50120



Love my dress!

This is the most beautiful dress I have ever owned. They were very thorough with my measurements, even wanting to know how high of a heel I would be wearing. The end result was a perfect fit. I felt the quality of the material was good. The built in bra is a nice bonus. I would definitely buy from them again. All of my emails were answered promptly. For a dress that was hand made to my measurements, it was a quick delivery also. Thank you again!


    Five Stars

    Good for my mother


      Runs BIG

      The dress itself is very pretty and well made but I got the 0 and it was huge. I know it's supposed to fit a bit loose but it looked like a nightgown on me.


        it fit so perfect. i love my dress

        . I wear size XL but after reading the review, i went one size down, so i ordered the large,. it fit so perfect. i love my dress, can't wait to wear it, well done Lindy Bop.


          For a wedding

          I love this dress, it fit very well. I read about the sleeves and how to some it was a weird fit, So I was expecting a strange fit. But I am happy to say it worked for me without problems! The dress hits the top of my knee which is the perfect length. I also read that people said that one should buy a petticoat to go underneath the dress, to help the dress to poof just like the picture! I purchased this one: (http://www.promsary.com/gp/product/B00JXH7L9Y?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00) I highly recommend it. I ordered the dress on June 10th, it arrived June 19th, not to long a wait seeing as how I did not pay for any shipping what so ever. I will be wearing this dress for a wedding I will be attending in August. I can't wait!! Personally I think this dress is the best it could be! The fabric is nice and sturdy, The tool at the bottom is super cute, And with the petticoat it looks darling. On the front of the dress there is a bow, I was expecting this as I saw it in the picture, I read some people did not see it, but no matter because it is way cute. Anyone who is looking for a modest but fashionable dress...I recommend this one for sure! kisses -Naomi


            Great for the price

            I doubted the price due to the price, but actually it's Great for the price, quality not that much so dont expect something from LV or CUCCIWife loves it lol, highly recommend


              Oh my!

              This dress is so well made and fits perfectly I absolutely love it so much! If you are a little curvy the large is a perfect size!


                Five Stars

                Great dress! Fits well and fashionable!



                  This dress is stunning!!! I needed a gown for a gala, but everything I found looked like a prom dress. You could def wear this to the prom but it's more tasteful and mature. I'm not about to spend hundreds on dresses this season, and have found some beautiful dresses on promsary.com. (Surprisingly!) I'm usually not afraid to order Bc almost everything is free returns, so if I don't like it, I send it back. I ordered 3 dresses for 2 galas, not realizing that the returns are not made to promsary.com, but directly to the company overseas (not free!). I received the first one, and I was so disappointed. It didn't look outright cheap but it didn't look elegant. Returning anything to China is $60. So I was starting to get nervous I had thrown $130 x3 down the drain (different companies). I think one of the major differences though is that w this dress, I gave exact measurements. I'm a 34DD, a size 2, and short (5'1"), so dresses don't naturally fit me well. So perhaps some of the disappointment in the last dress was in the overload of material that made it look too princessy. Which is great for an 18y! But I'm a physician and don't think I can get away w the princess look anymore! Anyhow, I was super concerned that the top would not fully cover my breasts- that it would do that thing where it hangs off your breasts, and you don't see anything from the front, but they're totally exposed underneath. So i not only followed their instructions in measurements, but I measured from my clavicle to over my breast, and down about an inch. Don't know if this made a difference. I also sent a picture of myself-belly up, so they could see how I wanted it to fit. Of course, I never thought they'd actually follow it; people usually do their own thing. Kind of like when you bring a picture to the salon and you leave w thick choppy highlights anyway. So I couldn't believe how right they got the fit! So if you want the dress to fit a certain way, you can def tell them, but be detailed so they have something to work off of. I didn't want too much skin exposed. It's not for my body type. But if I was skinny w a smaller bust, or going to prom, I'd prob want the dress to show a little more skin. Anyhow, it's not hard, they want like four basic measurements- bust, waist, hip, height (don't forget to include heel height)! Now, if you have any additional requests, then include that info too. If you're a young skinny girl, I suspect the basic measurements are enough!Furthermore, I needed the dress for 5/4, and promsary.com said 4/29-5/11. So before buying, I contacted them, and asked if a 5/2 date was possible? They said yes, no extra charge or anything. Actually got it on 4/27. I really couldn't be happier. A dress like this in a couture store would be hundreds. The quality is so good. I'm in shock. The beading is remarkable. A lot of these dresses from overseas come wrinkled and you basically get what you pay for, but this is actually an amazing dress!!As you can see the quality is excellent, and that's just me trying it on right out of the bag (don't expect fancy packaging- but it looks that good even though it's been folded for who knows how long, cheap dresses would have permanent indentations). I will try to post pictures after the event- w better lighting and shoes, this picture doesn't do it justice. But I put it up, Bc I know it's gala and prom season and I'm sure people are wondering if they should take a chance. So, since I did, here are a couple of pics. Sorry for my dirty mirror!!MY BEST ADVICE- if you like this dress and you can see for yourself it's good quality- send your measurements!!!! Remember, their sizes are different than ours and you will more than likely be disappointed guessing your size, and it's annoying to return. This is actually a great deal. Any other dress in a store, I would have had to pay $50 hemming (for sure Bc I'm so petite), and depending on the dress, I usually have to buy a significantly bigger size to fit my bust and then have it let in, so the alterations alone can be $100. The only way you will be happy is if you make it to your personal size. it saves time in the long run Bc you won't have to go to a seamstress.


                    As picture

                    Totally as picture. They mail the pendant too (just in case someone needs it).The feel of material is good too. No quality complaints from me =)


                      Love it

                      So beautifull


                        <3 love it <3

                        I got a white one and the only negative thing I can say is that it is a little see through. . . . But other than that the dress looked exactly as shown, fits perfect, and arrived on schedule..... already plan on buying my next dress from this seller <3


                          Hides mommy belly roll

                          Very pretty but I love this brand with the short sleeves more comfortable then a halter. Either dress they are perfect for all body types very flattering . Size 8 /10 and 5'2". C/D cup ... But with a mommy of four belly roll .. Lol ...this dress hides it and flatters the rest of your figure.


                            Great cold-weather purchase

                            This is exactly what I was looking for! It hugs my curves while still feeling "sweater-y". It's a little loose in the waist for me (I have big hips and a little waist), but doesn't look bad at all. This will be great to wear with fleece lined leggings this winter!


                              Runs big, stretches and skims over BBW curves, pretty enough for

                              This is a soft, stretchy, feminine, colorful dress. It's dressy enough that you can wear it to a party and it's modest enough for church or work. I used the Anne Klein chart and got the 22 and it was too big. So, I should have gone with my usual 20W and not their size chart. Keep that in mind when ordering.I used a crystal brooch to take the loose cowl portion and slant it to one side to give it a fun assymetrical retro brooc look. I liked it better that way than with the loose cowl folds.Very flattering and forgiving, skimming curves. A happy, but not obnoxious print. Lovely dress. I wore it with low Anne Klein patent leather heels and felt very ladylike and pretty.


                                This company was very good to work with

                                This company was very good to work with. We communicated by e mail about the details after the purchase and I received the dress very quickly. The workmanship was excellent, Being able to provide measurements results in a custom made dress at an excellent price.I had tried department store dresses for much higher prices and they were not nearly as well made and would have required alterations. This dress is is totally finished and lined on the inside, no hanging beads or threads anywhere.


                                  Five Stars

                                  Super comfy, elegant and flattering!


                                    Owls and Vibrant

                                    I was concerned about sizing since I was ordering for my daughter to wear for her character Viperine Gorgan on Real Live Monster High YouTube channel creativeprincess2012 that it would be too big for my 10-year old daughter. The size I ordered was perfect. It was longer than I expected since my daughter is only ten I just need to hem it. We loved the fabric with the owls - so adorable. The colors were very vibrant!

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